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Love Sex Love Sex… What’s It All About?

Man… what a confusing question that is! Love, Sex, Relationships, Passion, Emotion, Desire….. Is there really a rule book that defines these clearly? Hell NO!!! Each one of these are extremely complex on their own, but when you start mixing the elements you might end up with Love Potion #9 and live the rest of your life in a positive enternal bliss… or a bomb that might just blow up in your face when you least expect it. Every situation is different due to the combination of elements, circumstance and partner personality traits.

Here at LOVE SEX LOVE SEX we are on a mission to decipher the mystery, the madness and the complexities of Love, Sex and Relationships. We know it’s not an easy task, but the research is interesting and the stories we’ll hear and tell are going to be a whole lot of fun. I mean really…. It’s all about education and SEX ED was always one of my favorite classes that was top on my list.

We will be getting into the nitty gritty and exposing the realities of probably the most primal instincts that we share as human beings. Just remember,… deep down inside we’re still animals. Admit it or not… We ARE!!!

So… if you would like to ask a question regarding Love, Sex and Relationships, please use the “Submit A Question” tab in the top right part of your screen for instructions. We will make sure that your submissions are kept anonymous and that your name is not exposed.

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This blog will be the gateway to understanding human sexual nature,
the law of attraction, the exploration of fantasies, relationships, passion, desires, emotions and so much more!

Whether you’re a man, woman or couple, single, married or dating… Love Sex Love Sex is here for you and is dedicated to trying to help make sense of it all!

So… let’s delve into the realm and see what’s cooking.

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Hello There “Wild and Crazy World!”

Welcome to LOVE SEX LOVE SEX .com! …. Thanks for stopping by!!

This is the newest blog on the web regarding  Love, Sex and Relationships.

This blog is strictly offering it’s opinions to questions regarding these subjects.

In NO WAY is “The WOLF” giving any professional advice nor does he claim to be a Professional Mental Health Therapist, Psychologist or Counselor. He is just a man that has experienced quite a lot in his lifetime and is offering his RAW OPINION about situations regarding Relationships, Love and Sex… Nothing more… Nothing Less!!! Strictly OPINIONS…. Take from it what you will.

So… if you would like to ask “The WOLF” a question…
send him an email at: wolf@lovesexlovesex.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, “The WOLF” will take an unbiased stab at your question/situation and express his Raw Non-Candy Coated Opinion.

Remember… be REAL & DETAILED with your question….. So “The Wolf” can give you his accurate opinion. Don’t hold back… Only the truth can set you free!!!

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